Sunday, January 30, 2011

Similarities abound

January 30, 2011

I was transcribing this obituary for a web site, and I came upon several similarities to my life I thought I would jot them down.

The above is a link to an obit of a lady named Dorothy E. Premer. Dorothy and I have some similarities it seems.
1. We share a birthday: May 25 (not the same year)
2. We share a middle initial: E.
3. She was born in Wilcox; I had my first teaching job in Wilcox.
4. She was employed as a librarian in Bartley; I have wanted to be a librarian.
5. I grew up in Cambridge, so I know her sister and maybe a sister-in-law.
6. Lockenour-Jones Mortuary is the same one who did my dad's service (okay, it's the only one in town and Bartley doesn't have one that I know of)

I never met this lady but I think I would've liked her. Rest in peace.

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