Thursday, August 8, 2013

Matrilineal line

Found this idea from a Saturday Night Fun post of Randy Seaver's here:

So I thought I would do this today. Yes it's Thursday, not Saturday, oh well. And I have not had my mitochondrial DNA tested; I've just had a total DNA test on Ancestry. There is more on that on another of my blog posts.

My matrilineal line:
a) Beth E. (Jorgensen) Sparrow -- me
b) Betty  -- my mom who is still alive
c) Pamelia Julia Regnier (1913 Baca Co. CO -- 2008 Jefferson Co. NE) married Lester Seggerman
d) Katherine "Katie" Dacy (1878 prob. St. Louis MO -- 1949 Jefferson Co. NE) married Roy Regnier
e) Lucy Bridget Crahan/Crane (1838 Ireland -- 1890 prob in NM) married James Dacy

And that's as far as I can go, because then I hit Ireland. And Irish is the second hardest demographics group to research (the hardest is African-American), as per Megan Smolenyak.

My father's matrilineal line:
a) Francis E. Jorgensen (1943 Sidney NE -- 2004 Omaha NE)
b) Mabel L. Foster (1908 Tilden, NE -- 1998 Cambridge NE) married Alfred Jorgensen
c) Edith Adel Hanks (1875 Dodge Co, WI -- 1951 Sidney, NE) married Charles A. Foster
d) Martha E. Fields (1853 New York -- 1933 Tilden, NE) married Charles William Hanks
e) Caroline Cealey (1830 England -- 1914 Tilden, NE) married Jesse Fields

And that's as far as I can go there.
So I have some more work to do on the ladies in my line but it is hard to do that overseas research with limited funds and time and small children.
Please contact me if you are related, especially if we haven't communicated back and forth before.