Monday, August 8, 2011

Review of 2011 Goals

Well 2011 is more than half over so I thought I'd see how I'm doing on my 2011 goals. So first relisting my goals, and then how I'm doing:

Now to plan for 2011, here are my goals, in no particular order:

1. To finish my husband's Mayflower 

2. To finish photographing the Osceola Cemetery and put it on Findagrave and possibly start another one

3. To have a sizable (at least 20) group attend our event March 28 with Megan Smolenyak

4. To write a blog at least twice a month (24 times a year)

5. To update my Kearney County NE GenWeb web site at least monthly

6. Organize: Set aside 1 hour each week to organize, whether it be my computer or papers

7. Look into the NGS Home Study course

8. Research: Continue to research, and hopefully into records with which I have less experience (land records, probate records, etc.)

9. To do a better job at keeping up with my obit transcripts, to have each month done by the 10th of the following month

10. To keep up reading my emails better, to get no more than a month behind in reading the GenWeb ones.

11. Work on my husband's SAR and my DAR applications. 

1. Still working on it, so not gotten much, if any further than I was several months ago (not good).
2. Working on it, I have 7 blocks photographed and almost 6 blocks of memorials online. (fairly well)
3. DONE! We had unexpected bad weather so we only had around 30 people come but for our small town, that was great! I think we would've had a few more if weather was better. 
4. Doing pretty good, I think one month I only had one post, but made up for it the month before or after. 
5. Doing horribly on this one, haven't updated it since I wrote the goal. 
6. Doing okay, got my genealogy mess by my computer organized into a bookshelf. Could always do more and better on this one. 
7. Done a tiny bit on this one (so not good).
8. I have done a little research online with land records and found one of my great-great-grandfather's homestead info. Started this goal but would like to do more. 
9. I have pretty much quit on the obit transcripts; the webmaster decided not to do the paper I was doing anymore and she offered me another one but I haven't done it. 
10. Up until last night I was a year behind on those emails, so now I'm about 11 months behind, so not doing well on this one either. 
11. Haven't done anything on these either. 

Well this means I still have lots I can do for the rest of 2011. Although no excuse is a good one, I did get pregnant so have been extra tired with less energy for at least 3 months. I seem to be motivated for only certain things, or bounce around from one to another, but so far, this is just a hobby for me, although some day I would love to get paid for doing something I love.