Friday, November 11, 2011

Bloggiversary & Veteran's/Binary Day

Today is 11/11/11. A day that represents three things:
(1) My first bloggiversary: I started my blog a year ago today. Thanks for all you who read my posts.
(2) Binary Day: I graduated with a math major and use computers a lot. There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary and those who don't. I'm the first, although sometimes it takes me some time to calculate it out.
(3) Veteran's Day: I am thankful for all who served so I can live in a free country. God bless America!

In my direct ancestry, I have at least two veterans.
My Civil War ancestor is Jesse Fields. I have researched him quite a bit. I have his gravestone photo, death certificate, and records of immigration, as well as his service records. It helps that I have chatted with one of my Fields cousins, who happens to live in the UK. What is frustrating with this ancestor is many trees I have seen have the wrong death date for him. It would take me too long to message them all, so I'll just say "oh well" on that one. Jesse was born in 1828 in England, and served with the state of Wisconsin in the Civil War. He died in Nebraska in January 1918. He is my ancestor through my paternal grandmother (my dad's mom, etc.).

My Revolutionary War ancestor is Gurden Chamberlain. Gurden is my ancestor through my maternal grandmother (my mother's mother's line etc.). I have found a distant relative's SAR (Sons of American Revolution) application on, so hopefully when I get started on my DAR application it won't take long. On that app, it states that Gurden served from the state of New York as a private in Captain Abner Horley's company of Colonel Peter Van Ness regiment of Albany county militia. There is a date of October 28, 1781 and I'm not sure what that represents now.

My husband also has a Revolutionary War ancestor and a grandparent who served.

We are fortunate to live in a free country, the United States of America! Now let's hope the current politicians don't ruin it. (LOL)