Sunday, June 29, 2014

May's Ancestor: Stientje Peters (Freise) Junker

Well I know June is nearly over, so I need to blog on my June ancestor. Then yesterday I checked, and lo and behold, I hadn't blogged on my May ancestor. Oops, May and June have been busy months.

My May ancestor is Stientje Peters (Freise) Junker.
I have that she was born October 28, 1817 in Ihrenefeld, Germany. I do not have a birth or baptism record for her. So I have this information by calculation of her date of death off her gravestone.
I do not know who her parents are, but I have a guess her mother's maiden name may have been Peters. As many children were named after their mother's maiden name, and I have found her middle name as Peters which seems odd for a woman. I don't know anything else about her early life in Germany.

She married Hidde Harms Junker on August 24, 1839 in Ihrhove, Germany. I do not have a marriage record either. She and Hidde were the parents of many children. I have noted the following children but I think I could be missing a few: Sara H. born in 1841, Harm H. born in 1842, Peter born in 1846, Mary born in 1852, Henry H. born in 1855, Anna born in 1858 and Margaretha Ella born in 1860.
I think they immigrated to America around 1862 from Germany. I have found one immigration record that might be their family.

I may have found them in the 1870 census, and definitely found them in 1880 living in Iowa. By 1880, they are in their mid 60's and their children are grown. I'm not sure when they moved to Jefferson county, Nebraska but they and many of their children resided in Jefferson county, Nebraska at the time of their passing. Stientje and Hidde are listed in the 1885 Nebraska state census, so they must have moved to Jefferson county, Nebraska some time between 1880 and 1885. From 1885 until her passing in 1899, she resided in Jefferson county, Nebraska.

Stientje passes away November 1, 1899 in Jefferson county, Nebraska. She is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, northwest of Fairbury, Nebraska. She was a few days over the age of 80 at her passing. Her gravestone seems to have her at 82 years and 4 days at her passing, so I may have her date of birth slightly off. I looked for her obituary, but I don't think I found it. I do have a gravestone photo, and I have found another photo of them, which came from another descendant. Thanks to L. Bohlke for the following photo:

And of course, if you are related, please feel free to contact me. I descend from their daughter Mary, but I know they had about 100 descendants at the time of Hidde's passing. 

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