Friday, January 10, 2014

Why to join us on #genchat ???

Disclaimer: I was asked to give a little testimonial about #genchat which is two Fridays a month at 9 pm Central on Twitter. Find the schedule at Conference Keeper
I am receiving NO monetary rewards for this, or any gifts of any sort. Probably just receiving some virtual love and thanks.

Reasons to join us for #genchat:

1. EDUCATION: Learn tips about genealogy, from web sites to sources, writing tips, etc. And sometimes just get reminded about stuff you knew but forgot. Like using Family History Centers, and the BCG Standards were just two topics I learned about from #genchat.

2. FUN: We are a fun bunch of guys and gals. We have a virtual bartender @leprchaunrabbit who serves up virtual drinks. We laugh at funny genealogy things. We have great hosts @confkeep and @ancestryjourney and sometimes guest hosts.

3. MEET NEW FRIENDS: I can't tell you how many wonderful genealogy friends I have met through #genchat. It's nice to have virtual genealogy friends who understand how excited you are when you find a new ancestor, or find that the library and cemetery are RIGHT NEXT to each other. Sometimes other people just don't understand us.

4. TIME: Can you spare an hour? It lasts usually just an hour, and you can stop at any time. If you miss a chat, it is published on Storify usually the next day. Some of us hang around after to chat more.

5. NO DRESS CODE: You can come in your pajamas! As long as we aren't video chatting, wear what you want.

Remember to follow the people mentioned above on Twitter, and follow me @SparrowBeth73

So I think that's it. Come join us for #genchat on Fridays to learn more and have fun with your genealogy friends. Remember to check the schedule above! See you tonight!

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  1. Beth, it sure is the fastest hour I've ever spent :)

    I've had to miss a few over the last couple months, but looking forward to a great new year of conversations! Thanks for posting this reminder!