Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: 5th Grade Memories

It's Saturday night, so I am choosing to participate in Saturday night genealogy fun.
Here is the blog post that lists the rules:

I was about 10 in fifth grade, so that was the early to mid 1980's. I went to Cambridge Public School in Nebraska where my parents were teachers. One thing I remember is that I was terrified of my fifth grade teacher. His name was Mr. Hein and he was known for spanking children or hitting them with rulers. Or at least these were the rumors I heard from my brother, two years older than I was. Later I found out Mr. Hein and I were related, although distantly through my mother.

I remember we had a pop quiz; I don't know what subject and I don't know why we had it. But I remember I FAILED it. I didn't just do bad; I FAILED. I was an A student, so this made me cry. I'm guessing it was social studies or science; it couldn't have been a math quiz. I remember he allowed me (and probably the whole class) to wad up my paper and throw it away. I was SO thankful. The grade was not recorded, and it wouldn't tarnish my record.

I'm pretty sure Andrea was my best friend at the time, as my other best friend Susie had just moved away. I remember we had lockers to store our bookbags and coats, which we thought was pretty cool. That was much cooler than the "hooks" we had in early elementary years.

I was also starting to grow and develop in fifth grade, so I was one of the taller girls. I think there was just one girl taller than me, and only two or three boys taller than I was.

I usually got to school riding with my mom in the car. Then I'd either ride home with her, or walk home. It was 2 blocks, all downhill to school and all uphill the way home.

Fifth grade was a pretty good year, but not my favorite. I think 4th and 6th were better.

Below is a picture of me in 5th grade:

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