Sunday, October 26, 2014

Husband's DNA

Happy October to all of you! I can't believe it's 80 in the house and we have the windows open to cool it down. had a DNA sale and my husband agreed to spit in the tube so I ordered one for him and the results came back a day or two ago. This weekend was busy with a genealogy society board meeting and a day of conference.

So did his DNA turn out as expected? And how does it compare to mine?

Here is his DNA:

47% Scandinavian
19% Great Britain
14% Italy/Greece
11% Ireland
5% Iberian Peninsula
3% Europe West
<1% Europe East

Is this what we expected? Well no.
The Scandinavian?? Where did that come from? And 47%?? Way too much. We have found Patterson and Thompson surnames on his mother's side and yes they are fairly close relatives to him, but I supposedly traced the Thompsons back to Scotland. So maybe that's not right??
Great Britain: Yes that seems right and probably about the right amount. The Sparrow surname is British (English).
Italy/Greece: Nope haven't found any of that in his lines.
Ireland: Yes this makes sense as certainly his McCash surname is probably Irish.
Iberian Peninsula: Nope haven't found any of this yet either.
And where is his German?? He should be quite a bit German, as I have traced one of his great-grandmothers' ancestry all back to Germany. Surely that's more than 1%!
So this was worth it and interesting to see what comes up. I do have some more work to do, but some of my husband's line have been in the United States for quite some time.
And yes, he is totally European (Caucasian/white). No Native American or African American for us.

And look how this compares to mine:
48% Scandinavian
22% Ireland
17% Europe West
5% Great Britain
6% Europe East
1% Iberian Peninsula
<1% Italy/Greece

Look at that! I'm totally European (Caucasian/white) too! And our top one is the same with almost exact percentage. So it will be interesting to see if the web site matches us up as cousins, which we are but you have to go back to colonial New England, at least 12 generations. So it's nothing for me to be concerned about.

DNA certainly is interesting to see where we've been. I have more work to do on my husband's side to trace some of his lines back to their originating country.

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  1. The cousin comment is a little weird, but historically I guess not so much. :)