Thursday, April 4, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: Marriage momentos

Well I am months behind on blogging but I found a couple subjects on Geneabloggers I thought I might blog about, so hopefully a post today and tomorrow.

My "treasure chest Thursday" post is not from a treasure chest at all, but they are special momentos to me. They come from my walls. I have my great-grandparents' marriage license framed with photos, and my grandparents' marriage license framed with a photo and their rings. Plus I have my own marriage momentos framed.

First here is my great-grandparents' marriage license framed with photos: Chris (Jorgen Christian) Jorgensen and his wife Katie Nelson. This is written in Danish.

Okay I had that image rotated and now it rotated back when I added it.
Next is my grandparents' marriage license with photo and rings: Mable L. Foster and Lars Alfred Jorgensen

Last is a collection of my wedding momentos that I put in a shadow box:

Everyone took pictures of my wedding cake so I had lots of extra photos of that.
These are very special to me.
If you have wedding licenses and photos, I'd advise framing them so you can treasure them, rather than have to sift through papers or folders to find them.

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  1. A great idea -- I'm definitely going to frame my daughter's wedding mementos before they disintegrate. It is wonderful that you have the records framed of your grandparents and great-grandparents! I don't have any of those, or my own, so I'm starting with my daughter. : ))