Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1940 Census: Take 1

As many (or all) of you know, the 1940 Census was released Monday April 2 on Monday was a busy day for me with a fussy baby and other things going on, so I found the site but didn't have time to search. As busy as the site was, that's probably okay.
So Tuesday afternoon (yesterday) I had some time and I found some family! Yippee! With no index, it takes some time to look through the images and the images take time to load. I found it easiest to download each page, look at it, then go to the next and download it. I'm not sure that these are true "downloads" as I don't see the 20+ files I went through in the download folder on my computer.
I tried my mom's side of the family first: I went to the 1930 census and found which enumeration district (ED) my grandma and grandpa were listed in. I went to the ED for my grandpa in Jefferson County, Nebraska and didn't find them. I did find my great-uncle, great-aunt and distant cousins in Jefferson County, Nebraska. No surprise to me at not finding my grandparents as they probably moved in 1940 since they were married in March 1940. So still need to do some digging on that side, or wait for an index.
Next I tried my dad's side: I thought his side might be easier because my grandparents on his side got married in March 1935. So I went to the 1930 census and found in which ED my grandparents were. Then I went to that ED in Cheyenne County, Nebraska to look for them. SCORE! On image (page) 1 (ONE!!) of this ED I find my great-grandparents and my great-aunt.
Hurray! I was so excited. I didn't capture a screen shot of that one but I should probably go back and do that.
I started scrolling to look for my grandparents and I find them with my uncle on page (image) 3!

There they are: Alfred and Mable Jorgensen in Cheyenne County, Nebraska! My uncle was lucky enough to be on one of the "token" lines so I'm sure Grandma (or Grandpa) had to answer more questions about him. But those questions about a child are not so interesting.

Can't wait for the index for Nebraska (and a few other states like Illinois for my husband's family). But till then in my free time, I will continue to research and browse. Feel free to share your stories and experiences with the 1940 census. We are all learning as we start from square one!

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