Saturday, December 31, 2011

Genealogy Review of 2011

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year to everyone. I don't make resolutions but I do plan to lose at least 10 pounds in the next month. Some of you may think that's too big of a goal, but it's okay because I'm pregnant and will welcome my new bundle of joy in a few days. Here is a review of 2011, genealogy-wise.

Personal genealogy: My goals were to finish my husband's Mayflower application and start my and my husband's DAR and SAR applications (respectively). I did make progress toward my husband's Mayflower application but it's not done. His line has not been done before, so it is quite a task. I did make progress in my Sickmon and Regnier families as I found a contact in Monmouth, Illinois who did some research for me. Recently (last week) I have made progress with my Hanks family as I found his immigration record; he was recorded under his step-father's name which I didn't know until recently.

Volunteer genealogy: My goal was to finish photographing the Osceola Cemetery and putting it on Findagrave; I haven't finished this yet but I made A LOT of progress. At the end of 2010 I had one block photographed, and now at the end of 2011 I have over 14 blocks photographed. I only had one block online, and now I have about 11 blocks online. I still have many photos to add and a few names, plus I am updating the records as I go.
I wanted to update my Kearney County Nebraska GenWeb site monthly; I'm not sure I've updated it in the last year. I did get a burial listing for one cemetery in Kearney County which I have worked on, and need to do more with this. Monthly was probably too often; I should've said quarterly.
I wanted to keep up with obit transcripts, which I didn't, and I have now quit doing those.

Research and Organize: I wanted to continue to research and look into records where I have less experience. I did do some of this as I looked into land records on the Bureau of Land Management's web site. I wanted to organize my genealogy life for 1 hour each week; I did get better organized thanks to a purchased bookshelf but I probably didn't do an hour a week.

Writing: Writing is not my strong point, but I wanted to keep up with my genealogy blog, doing two each month or 24 for the year. I came close on this one, as I wrote 21 blogs in 2011. Oh make that 22 blogs counting this one to post today!

It's always hard for one to accomplish their goals, and I usually set too many, so I don't get bored. Plus I have a house to run and a child (soon to be 2 children) to take care of, so genealogy sometimes doesn't get as much time as I want. Okay who reading this would rather clean the house than do genealogy? None of you probably.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post my 2012 goals. Since I didn't accomplish everything in 2011, there's still plenty for 2012. 

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  1. That's ok if you didn't finish all your goals. Just roll them over to 2012. Sometimes life gets in the way!