Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 38 of 52: Hobbies

From Geneabloggers challenge, "52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and Family History"

Week #38 – Hobbies

Week 38: Hobbies. Did you have any hobbies as a child? Which ones?

Intro: I haven't done any of these challenges. I've read a couple of them, which must not have seen interesting to me at the time. Today I thought I'd do this one. I needed a blogging idea, as I'm behind on my blogging goal. 
Yes I had hobbies as a child. My brother and I played some board games growing up; I remember playing Monopoly for a LONG time one day with him. I think he beat me, and we either had lots of snow or it was pouring buckets that day. I READ A LOT! I would ride my bike to the library 2-3 times a week to get books. The librarians knew me well, and even though there was a limit of 2-3 books, they'd let me take 4 or 5 and know that I'd have them back in 2-3 days. The times I had to go from Tuesday afternoon til Thursday afternoon when the library was open meant I had to stock up, plus on weekends I stocked up. My mom used to ask me to do a chore and I'd say something like "In a little bit, I'm at a good part." She learned to respond "Well you'll still be at that good part when you get back". It didn't work, but good try, Mom. 
My dad collected stamps, so I tried collecting stamps for a short while. I found it boring. I listened to music as a pre-teen, sitting by my radio on Friday or Saturday nights listening to the weekly Top 40 (with Rick Dees). That was 80's music. I would try to tape certain songs off on my cassette when listening, wishing the DJ wouldn't talk over the songs much. 
As a family, we used to play cards with our grandparents. My mom's side played 10-point pitch, and Dad's side usually played rummy. When my brother went to college and Grandma lived in town, my parents, my Grandma and I would play bridge on Sundays after church and lunch. We usually had lunch with Grandma at the retirement home. My brother didn't like bridge and didn't learn it much, so if he was there, we played call-your-partner 10-point pitch. 
Of course now I still enjoy reading and music. My music taste has changed some. Plus genealogy is now my favorite hobby! 

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